An epic sweeping sound and hyperkinetic flows define Rastik’s powerful all-consuming “In “Da” Duffle”. Neatly tying together hip-hop, dubstep, dance, and pop into a satisfying whole Rastik virtually dominates the listener with the constant in-flux atmosphere. Everything works wonders as the ornate production and highly detailed sound draws the listener into a totally overpowering aural universe. By far the heart and soul of the song rests with Rastik’s knack for storytelling, as he delivers the narrative with a great sense of urgency. Indeed, this urgency comes to define the song for it keeps moving at a breakneck pace, nicely crushing everything else in its path. This production also helps to further emphasize the overall message of the piece, which tells others what to do and explains why they need to do it.


Beats start instantly as an air horn introduces the piece. From there the bass worms its way around the entirety of the song. Rastik stays in control of the messy, freewheeling sound. A sense of defiance comes to lead the song forward as it incorporates a wide variety of textures into the mix. Melodically rich, the song explores such a great

deal of riffs and ideas. Layer upon layer of sound are brought into the fray further emphasizing the fast-paced universe that Rastik has crafted. By the finale of the song everything something drops out revealing the strong hooks

that drove the song forward.

Confident and delivered with true gusto, Rastik weaves a whirlwind of styles into a swirling whole with “In “Da” Duffle”.



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  11. MBE

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    5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 for Rastik. This is great music video and we’re proud to have had a portion of it shot locally in or barbershop (MASTER BARBERS OF ERIE).

  12. Dine

    1 month ago

    This song is straight anthem for those that come up from the struggle streets of Erie PA or anywhere to making money 💰. When you hit those streets the first thing on ya mind is to survive and with that “In Da Duffle” is simply that track to play. #TeamRastik

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    I thank you all for the kind words

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