‘Blac Jedi’ Possibly the Hottest Mixtape of 2016 [FREE DL]

Triumphantly hailing from Queens, NY Epic Sonn is a talented hip-hop artist who gives us the ghostly and painful voice for those that are voiceless. Being influenced by the likes of Busta Rhymes, Nas, and Rakim, allowed his style to flourish. Epic has mastered the art of taking his listeners on a journey with his emotive rhymes weaved through tight beats that they can feel. He almost kept it all to himself, saying “I wrote rhymes to myself for years before I let anyone else hear it”.

Epic Sonn is now ready to impact the world with songs like “Too Hot” and reach the corners of the globe due to his philosophy that everyone is equally important to him. With the mission to make timeless music Epic Sonn brings something that others don’t, and that is the full picture. Make sure you make time to get to know Epic Sonn, because if you don’t he will definitely make time for you!