Wolftyla Links With London On Da Track For “Impressed”

This one’s been out for a minute now, and it initially slipped under our radar, but now it’s making too many waves to simply let Wolftyla & London On Da Track’s “Impressed” slide by unnoticed. The New York based singer initially gained popularity through Vine, and she has proceeded to amass over one and a half million followers on Instagram and five-hundred-and-fifty-two thousand followers on Twitter. Not to mention the fact that her latest single has already hit over 1.2 million stream on Soundcloud, and let’s be honest, securing a banger from London On Da Track is always a good look.

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Speaking on the instrumental, London’s “Impressed” instrumental is somewhat on the low-key side, with up-tempo drums and a smooth synth riff. Once the drums kick in, however, there’s no shortage of that Atlanta flavor. It’s been a minute since London blessed us with his latest single “No Flag,” which featured Offset, Nicki Minaj, and 21 Savage, but the producer has clearly been keeping busy in the interim. We’re not sure how he ended up linking up with Wolftyla, but the young artist certainly sounds comfortable over his production, and it’s clear that her charismatic personality has helped solidify her core fan base. In fact, many of her fans downright love her, as seen on any of her social media platforms.

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If you’re looking for complex flows and next level lyricism, you’ll probably find little in that department. “Impressed” embodies many of the modern day “Soundcloud” tropes, with a mumbled cadence, autotune drenched vocals, and that divisive “yeah” flow. Still, it’s clear that this sound is one the new generation tends to rally around, so there’s no point in hating on the wave. It’s simply better to hold your breath and let it pass over you. Stay tuned for more from Wolftyla, who only seems to be getting bigger. 

Quotable Lyrics 

David Blaine magic chicks diamond press
Oh no now I heard he’s sellin’ threats?
Not impressed, no not impressed

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Author: Mitch Findlay

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