[Underground Exclusive] Brotha-Lee – FWYTAM (Prod. By J. Knight)

Brotha-Lee is a 22 year old Rhythmic Poet (Hip-Hop Artist) from San Jose, California. With his music he attempts to appeal to the taste of the masses while still provoking thought. If Trap music and Conscious music had a child he would be the offspring. He loves to challenge the audience, using his poetic style he makes use of every single line. Every bar has the potential to be interpreted in many ways according to the perspective of the viewer. His roots in poetry are evident. Right now he currently has a project in the works (title yet to be announced) that is set to drop before the close of 2016. You can follow him on twitter (@brothalee408) & or Instagram (brothalee408) to stay up to date with information on the project and also to get some insight on the jewels that he spreads throughout his music. Follow him on Soundcloud to hear his full catalog and to hear more songs he releases in the future.



  1. Mark

    1 year ago

    Damn, really liking the beat

  2. Mark

    1 year ago

    I really like the beat!

  3. Sam

    1 year ago

    Nice ! Love this

  4. Bushido

    1 year ago

    Killed it! enjoyed listening, tight beat