Troyse Releases Life Absolutely Album [Dojo Exclusive]

Troyse is no stranger to the Music Industry, Moving to Los Angeles from Baltimore at the age 16 Troyse hit the ground running to pursue his dreams of making music. He landed his first song placement on Jordin Sparks high political project at the age of 20. He went on and formed and semi successful girl group called “The Bangz” signed the same time as “The New Boyz” in the midst of the 2009 Jerk Movement. Troyse also worked with various multi platinum producers and artist such as: J.U.S.T.I.C.E League, The costars etc. He recently got placements on TV’s two biggest shows “Power and Empire” this year. After writing for others for so long Troyse decided it’s finally time to showcase his talents on another platform bringing you his story…
Life Absolut-ly


Project Info: Troyse delivers an unapologetic approach with his “Life Absolutely’ debut. Straddling the Hip Hop/New Wave fence with an ‘Old enough to know better but young enough to know give a fuck” attitude Troyse is positioning himself to start a new movement in this suffocating Industry.

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  1. Soren

    1 year ago

    Dope album, thanks for always coming through for the underground DojoHiphop!