Sy – Get out of My Dreams [Single Review]


Sy paints a portrait of true passion with the elegant R&B of “Get out of My Dreams”. With a giddiness loveliness to it, the way the track unfurls effortlessly draws from a multitude of styles. Ranging from pop to dance with a hint of jazz, the entire thing simply stuns. The heart and soul of the piece comes from the commanding, soaring vocals that grace the song’s entirety. By choosing such a multi-layered, multi-faceted approach the piece feels downright inviting. Optimism pours out of the piece for the way the choir intermingles within everything adds to its sense of tenderness.


The groove starts up almost immediately. Neon-hued synthesizers emerge emphasizing the thoughtful melody that takes hold. Drums go for a loose quality working on an emotionally charged level. Honeyed vocals dominate the track as the lyrics focus upon a sense of desire, of trying to come together. Looking towards this communal spirit helps the piece become all-engrossing. Sung with a fiery delivery the buildup of the track further adds to its appeal, as the way things unfurl oftentimes feel so unexpected. Quite carefully the evolution of the groove additionally adds to the impassioned pleas, the desire to be with someone else. Towards the latter half of the song everything truly becomes unhinged, as the stream of consciousness approach lends it a naturalistic air. For the final stretch everything comes together in an ornate colorful display.


With “Get out of My Dreams” Sy sculpts a timeless, classic sound.

Artist BIO:

The singer/songwriter, SY, and author releases new single produced by Rueben Wood. The single contributes to a soundtrack feel with its concept written theme. “Get Out Of My Dreams” will be the first single release written by the artist in 2018 since writing two self-help books, “A Swan Among Ducks” and “Saying Yes to (No): Learning the Power of (No) before the end of 2017.

“Get Out Of My Dreams” sheds light on a relationship of want and lust, as many cases prove to be, when a person is already committed but finds him or herself in want and need of someone else. With a play on words, and sounds that set the vibe for an earful of powerful lyrics; the song will definitely take you on a journey.

Unlike your typical relationship song, Sy explains her reasoning for potentially wanting to be rid of the dreams unless they become reality. Mixed signals and thought provoking feelings create an ambient feeling for the listener.