Rely Emerson “Hannah Montana” Official Video

Christopher Emerson, also known as Rely Emerson, was born in Bethpage, NY and raised in Union and Spartanburg, SC. He moved to Phoenix, AZ at the age of 22. He began entertaining audiences at only 7 years old. Chris became known for his dancing at the early age of 14, but always kept his lyrical ability a secret. His dream was to become a professional fighter, however, his career was cut short due to medical problems. He played soccer and wrestled while in school. Chris earned the name Rely from being the most reliable member of a breakin’/poppin crew called Mixed Motionz. By age 19, he was a full time dancer for Mixed Motionz and full time server at a local restaurant in Spartanburg, SC. He has performed all across the country at shows for both Pepsi and Red Bull. He also made a cameo on Season 6 of SYTYCD. Rely began taking his musical ability to the next level, becoming more of a pressional at his craft. His versatility with wordplay and passion for performing are his greatest strengths. Rely Emerson is one of the rarest of artists of our generation. His unusual approach to music creates a new world of its own. “Gritty, yet classy.” “A jagged rock flowing with perfectly cool water.” “Deepest artist I’ve ever watched perform.” These are just a few of the reviews given of his work. Now, he focuses on combining the two realms of lyricism and dance to create the greatest show on Earth.