Man Like Reez – TShirt + No Frauds [REMIX]

ManLikeReez is a young, new hip-hop artist from Scarborough. He is starting to define Toronto’s rap and hip-hop sound using some classic themes combined with a mix of quick-witted verses, a unique world-perspective, and some killer beats. His track list will take you from dolo to turn-up and back again.

Reezy’s spending his time developing the quick flow, and the switch up. His masterful technique of quick-witted bars, spit even quicker is made only more impressive when he switches the flow on a dime. If you can keep up with the agile, elusive delivery then you’ll be rewarded with hard-hitting lyrics, that paint a vivid picture of a youth growing up in Scarborough. With an exceptional versatility, Reezy is ready for any song. He showcases his steady vocals along side the complex technique of his raps. ManLikeReez is an example of just what future hip-hop is going to look like; multitalented, and always hungry for something new.