Law – Know me feat. Gucci mane

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Law – Know Me (feat. Gucci Mane) lyrics

[Intro: Gucci & Law]
Know me, it’s Gucci
Hah, like they know me, hah
Now they scream my name like they know me
Now they scream my name like they know me

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
I ain’t L.A. Reid
But this dope is epic
This ain’t LA weed, this shit came from Texas
My whoop came fast and furious, get gone in 60 seconds
My jewelry whirlpoolin’, it broke a world record
Say you’re my heartthrob, shit make a girl record
Don’t turn that door knob, might see your girl naked
I think I’m David Beckham in them low top Guiseppes
I’m Gucci Westbrook, they don’t know how to check ’em
You know no fee niggas, but I need the line share
Standin’ on Versace sofas, call it the line share
Say what you say shawty, Gucci don’t play shawty
Got all this ice on, and it’s a day party