Interview With Sir Spits

What is the name that you go by?
SIR SPITS (Skills Is Real Spit Pills In Trill Situations)

Where are you from?
YONKERS NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 914 WESTCHESTER STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What genre do you feel you are?
Rap/HIP HOP with a passion for old school & underground

We want to commend you on your hard work so far, how did you start your career?
SIR SPITS Is A YONKERS EMCEE & HIP HOP VETERAN THAT HAS BEEN SPITTIN AND RECORDING FOR A DECADE; his lyricism is top notch, easily delivering a cornucopia of flows, a plethora of syllables, mind-blowing metaphors, and nonstop word play that produce one subtantial outcome: BARS.

Why did you pick that particular style?
Because quite simply it is the one I enjoy the most. It would be a disgrace to partake in an endeavor of which you did not appreciate in the first place. Also as mentioned earlier, HIP HOP was in a dying state as the Godson himself Nasir Jones described, and the culprits being Lil Wayne and the likes. I love HIP HOP so much that I threw myself in the ring to contend with these phony idols.

Let’s get to know a little more about you and how you grew up in the music business??
I would attribute the creation and overall success of SIR SPITS to Lil Wayne and the likes. When I first heard such a disgrace to rap and the hip hop culture i felt it was my obligation and civic duty to step up and show the world what true hip hop is.

Tell us more about what you have done in the scene in your state/city?
I am the founder & host of the critically acclaimed HIP HOP network/label/entity/podcast/ called “The Dojo”, which colloborates and showcases the finest local & international underground HIP HOP talent out there by reviewing the industry’s latest releases, providing exclusive news & content from hungry upcoming talent from the Tri-State area and beyond. Through The Dojo as well as my own music I believe I have played an intricate & substantial role in successfully reviving rap & hip hop music in my community.

What local/major artist’s have you performed along side? Where have you performed?
SIR SPITS been rockin out sets all over #Westchester & #914 wit #THEDOJO & the #DOJOFAM including the Beechmont in White Plains with the homies Omega Jackson Joey Christ Sadek Chunk Norris Bagz Da Ryda & P Bills
A career highlight would include being pulled up on stage by my hip hop idol Royce da 5’9″ in Brooklyn to perform his verse from Fast Lane.
Recently me & the infamous P.Seize just came back from the D it was fresh got to perform with him & ad well the notorious Moe Dirdee @ The Royal Mitten in Detroit, Michigan. 313 to 914

Who is your most notable feature?
It would have to be the Legendary Rhyme Inspector Percee P since he is definitely one of my idols & triple OG of this craft. Got to meet him after I interviewed him on The Dojo podcast and was able to secure the feature. Check it out on my latest album HIP HOP along with other #THEDOJO affiliates including the Average Homeboy Blazin Hazen who also makes a guest appearance after starring in yet another classic #THDOJO interview.

How do you go about promoting your events/music?
Digitally via internet & social media as well as Physically via CDs/flyers/posters/radio

Where have you recorded?
Studios all across NY including Yonkers own Union Music Studio & The Vault

What’s the first step when making a new song?
Listen to the beat, think of possible flow patterns, check my ever accumulating personal rhyme archive. Employ necessary creativity, lyricism, wittiness, determination, networking for possible features as well as understanding & conveying the true fundamental knowledge of Hip Hop (as I was initially a fan first & foremost)

What is your next music project/release?
I just released my new album HIP HOP (currently for sale) featuring artists/affiliates of The Dojo & produced exclusively by the Yonkers OG himself Omega Jackson including an official music video for the single of the album “What you gon do” ft. Deemo. ‘HIP HOP’ delivers & showcases the finest Hip Hop talent you will find.

Also just put out a brand new track with the homie Bagz Da Ryda called Bagz n Spits III featuring Noonie from #TheDojo. Check it out here:



What are your future plans/goals?
Continue promotion and sales of my latest album ‘HIP HOP’ and further build my movement THE DOJO with the help of the members of #THEDOJO and my devoted #DOJOFAM which includes some more collabs & features with 914’s finest; but most importantly try to stay up.



Where they can we find your music distributed to online major retailers like I-tunes, Amazon & more?





Where can we follow you online?






Wrapping up, how do you feel about the current status of Hip Hop?
The rap game reminds me of the crack game. It is heavily influenced by our current monetary based economy therefore greed has usurped passion.

Lastly, any pearls of wisdom for all other rappers out there?
Be original, dont sell out, and dont suck.

SHOUTS OUT to my fans, friends, and family, & The Dojo; more HIP HOP to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!