P Bills

P Bills

P Bills is a MC hailing from the Southside of Yonkers. He has always displayed his skills of punchlines, wordplay, and lyricism ever since he started spitting bars at the age of 14. P Bills also has a sense of humor and sarcasm that he not only displays in his music but in his everyday life, which led to him labeling himself as “Top 5 DIRT Dead or Alive”. P Bills also represents Loopy Squad and his self proclaimed “Team Disability” which came about once P bills found out that he has muscular dystrophy. P Bills doesn’t let that stop him though; he keeps it pushing no matter what. Showing that jus because you have a disability, it doesn’t mean you have to give up. From battle rapping down to getting crazy on wax, P Bills holds his own and continues to hold his cane up in the process.



Think About It(Mixtape)



Get In The Loop Vol. 1(Collaborative Mixtape)



Grind Mode Cypher Stress Free Vol. 4




Killing The Game (Prod. By Human Cannon)



Best To Ever Do It (Prod By Human Cannon)



Win Again (Prod By Human Cannon)




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