Name: Dollarz
Talent: Music, Rapper, Stylist, DJ, Actor
Hometown: Yonkers east side to the heart of Yonkers 1-8 slow bomb 525 central ave n 354-358 Whitney young
IG: @Real_Dollarz

I fell in love with music at a young age. Since I was a kid I was always around rappers. I used to be the young kid in town who was DJing at most of the parties. Around age 13-14 I started to pick up the pen and pad! In high school I put music on the back burner and I put my focus on basketball. When I left for college I found my passion for music again. I started recording and mixing down my own tracks. After getting off the basketball court I would go straight to the studio. I would be in the studio all night into morning. From there, I linked up with Pbills started the group Loopy Squad. We recruited members who have raw talent and bars. I love to be behind the scenes and not in the spotlight. When Loopy Squad started up around 2014 it was a whole new game for us. My brand is getting overlooked but I haven’t even gotten started yet! Stay in the loop! -DOLLARZ