Review: Ant Vibe – ‘RSVP’ Album

Ant Vibe has a powerful, addictive flow with the lush sound of “RSVP”. Samples reflect a great deal of taste for the pieces unfurl in unexpected ways. The sunny nature of the album works to its advantage for these are songs for celebration. Rhythms possess rolling chilled-out grooves dominate the album. Lyrics have a loose, dreamy quality to them for his ability to craft thoughtful stories add to the overall vibe. Quite beautiful in how Ant Vibe brings all of this together, his powerful dominant voice takes hold serving as the very heart and soul of the album.

“No Option” opens the album on a high note, with graceful jazz guitar introducing the piece. Beats gain a physicality on the commanding presence of “Forever Stay Afloat” where the bass bounces and rumbles with ease. Glistening keys shimmer above the energetic work of “50”. Neon-hued setting a party atmosphere is the sunny optimism of “Find Me”. Easily the highlight of the album comes with the giddy energy of “No Mo”. Inviting melodies helps add to the overall laid-back mood of the track. Lyricism explores the joy of nostalgia and yearning on the summer-style of “Polaroids”. Including a sense of child-like wonder is the toy box melody of “Others” where the sound positively glows. Bringing everything to a fantastic conclusion is the triumphant “What’s the Deal”.

With “RSVP” Ant Vibe opts for a playful, nimble sound with observational wordplay that lingers in the mind long after it is over.